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March, 20 2015 / by Lee Bantle / 5 comments

How Not to Settle Employment Discrimination Suits

For attorneys representing employees, the years of litigation may turn into an obsession for the plaintiff where little else in life matters but seeking vindication. The attorney may still want to avoid settlement and forge ahead to trial even after considering all of the difficulties. If so, following the simple rules set forth below will achieve this goal […]

February, 28 2015 / by Lee Bantle / No comments

Depositions: The Most Important Discovery Tool

Depositions are the key to gathering the evidence which will enable you to prevail at trial. This outline will discuss how to get the most out of your depositions and will focus on questioning strategies, a review of the recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure governing depositions, and ways to deal with the adversary who interferes […]

January, 17 2015 / by Lee Bantle / 1 comment

The Effect of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act on Jury Charges

The A.D.A. Amendments Act of 2008 emphasizes that the definition of disability should be interpreted broadly. As more employees are now covered, it increases the number of people who are entitled to reasonable accommodations and to protection from discrimination.

March, 07 2011 / by Lee Bantle / No comments

The Cat’s Paw Doctrine

In Staub v. Proctor Hospital, the Supreme Court makes clear that an independent investigation will not insulate the employer from liability if the investigation relies on facts provided by the biased supervisor.

June, 18 2010 / by Lee Bantle / No comments

Practical Issues in Litigating Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases

Challenging workplace discrimination against LGBT people raises several issues that do not often arise in Title VII litigation. This article addresses these issues from a practical standpoint and discusses how they affected a case which my firm tried to a jury in federal court.

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